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Our automotive painting booth is design to fit most standard car size on the actual market.

The inner size is 6900mm x 3900mm x 2600mm and the ouside is 8300mm x 4000mm x 3300mm including the heating and exhaust system.

most customers require the exhaust and heating system to be at the back of the booth in the lenght but we can custom design it to be on the side to fit better in your warehouse which bring the external dimentions to 7000mm x 5300mm x 3300mm.

We also offer custom size painting booth based on your specifaction so you can have it smaller, bigger, including a lab for paint storage and mixing but also preparation area  and additional oven so you can increase the productivity of your bodyshop! For custom design, please contact us explaining what you need and we will come back to you with a design and quotation.


Automotive painting booth

Intake Fan
Exhaust Fan
Heating system
Wall panel