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about us

Years of experience in both automotive and industrial painting lead us to know painting booth pretty well!

Our goal is to to provide YOU with the best high-end painting experience at an affordable price! 



No need to be flexible and bend in every direction anymore to check on your work!

Because we know the light is your strongest ally to ensure an outstanding finish, we chose not to use classic white neon tubes like in most actual painting booth! We use special LED tube designed to provide a white and strong light but yet be as close as the outside conditions using sun ray variant. This means the colour of the finish is really close from what you will see in natural light under the sun wich help for blending and also for clearcoat brightness levels. Provided with 56 LED tubes total, you can really rely on your lighting system!


Classic diesel or gas booth are equipped of 8 units of 4 tubes on the ceiling and 6 units of 4 tubes on the side walls. Infra-red booth is only equipped with the 8 units of 4 tubes on the ceiling since infra-red units are fixed on the side walls.

Filters and Fans

Combine a dust-free environment and a planet-friendly solution!

Painting in a dust-free environment is a priority to avoid any risk of fish eyes or dust in the final clearcoat. Therefore our painting booths are using a triple filter design combined with powerful fans. The default intake fan is 2 sets of 3KW (20000m²/h) with the possibility to upgrade for 2 sets of 5.5KW (30000m²/h) if needed. The intake air is filtered throughout a pre-filter before the 600G high-efficiency ceiling filter that will not let single dust in. The default exhaust fan is a 4KW (12500m²/h) that can be upgraded to a fan of 7.5KW (20000m²/h). Firstly the main residue of paint is filtered through a fibreglass floor filter then, the leftover of solvents are trapped in an activated charcoal filter that stops up to 98% of all the solvents used in the painting booth.


Your neighbour's white shirt will stay white even dough he keeps letting it dry next to your exhaust!

Heating systems

Keeping an optimal painting heat help being constant and save big on drying time!

The heating system as to fit your need and offer flexible use, that's the reason why we provide 3 different options! Diesel, gas or infrared are 3 different possibilities that must be chosen based on your environment. 


Diesel is the most common type of heating system due to the ease of use and efficiency, the diesel is pumped from a tank and is burned in a Riello G20 burner (200000Kcal/h) to keep a constant temperature for both painting and baking. It can be upgraded for a Riello RG5S (260000Kcal/h). Diesel is not the cheapest fuel for a painting booth but is easy to instal and service, the facility is that does not require any other installation but a tank and help manage the quantity of fuel used for each job.


Gas is less common due to the installation required, you will need a gas supplier with a high pressure of gas. We use the Riello FS-20 (200000Kcal/h) which is economical and precise to ensure a stable temperature for both painting and baking. This is the cheapest fuel that can be used for a painting booth but we advise it only for the professional which already have a gas installation!


Infrared is getting more common lately due to the ease of installation and for small workshops. Infrared can only be used for baking as it is not recommended to paint when it is "on" unless you are willing to set your booth on fire (literally) so it is great for countries with warm weather which does not require heating intake air but only use the heater for baking but as to be combined with a Diesel/Gas burner for other countries which makes it more pricy. We use 8 units of 3 tubes on side walls.

Floor and Walls

Having good insulation is necessary to save money on fuel!

The walls are the only thing that will keep the warmth inside the booth so you better have a good one not to spend thousands on fuel! Using 50mm panels made of anti-flammable rock wool inside a 4mm steel plate you will not let any calories get out of the booth. If you are willing to upgrade, we also offer 75mm panels made of the same anti-flammable rock wool inside a 5mm steel plate, this would be necessary if the winter gets really cold in your area but better be safe, it will be less effort on your heating system to keep up.


The painting booth can either be on the floor if you have a pit underneath or 10cm over the floor level to create artificial exhaust pit which we provide the ramps for. We use galvanized steel grid to ensure optimal ventilation. 


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