Our philosophy

Don't you want to know us first?

Sit and relax, I'll tell you our story!

Once upon a time by a rainy night (obviously in Belgium) of 2016, a bunch of friends was having a beer at the local bar. You know how it goes right? It always ends up talking about the same tricky subjects like politic, war, boomers, religion, and the environment. It was not the first time we came across this topic and for once we all agreed on a lot of points! We had a great time talking about that for hours but it was time to head back home.

While spreading in the night (still rainy) one of us yelled to the others: "I dare you to join me! why don't we contribute to helping?". 

We all became silent, it was evidence for all of us! Why haven't we thought about that hours ago?

In the morning we went back to our busy life.

The story could have ended there, but it did not (otherwise you would not be reading these lines).

Months later, better weather, same guys, same bar. Flo was quiet for about an hour now, if you knew him, you would know! it is not normal, Flo can't be quiet for so long unless something is going wrong.

He suddenly broke his silence and asked us with a slightly broken tone: "I will do something! will you join me?".

We stared at each other for a second, what was he talking about? Ben took the lead and agreed, probably not knowing either. We are close together and whatever it could be, we would join, so did we.

That's how the project was born.

I'll fast forward a bit to nowadays, around June 2019, after a year in Australia, a shit ton of researches, a few breakups, loads of training and much more. Sadly, some of us left the project, we are now four to be working most of the extra hours available on finalizing the last little touches.

We made it, it's been hard but so satisfying! We built a brand that offers the most environmentally friendly clothes you can possibly find on Earth!

Why is it even important?

Did you know that the textile industry is the second most pollutants releasing industry on earth?

Pollutants released by the global textile industry are continuously doing unimaginable harm to the environment. It pollutes land and makes them useless in the long run. Cotton consumes the highest amount of harmful pesticides and fertilizers. Majority of them fall on land while they are sprinkled on the crop. Similarly, textile manufacturing units release hazardous waste into the nearby land. The washing and dyeing process uses Millions of tonnes of water every day which is not even filtered before being released in the environment and used by human beings. By doing a quick research you'll be able to understand the disaster it is.

Our contribution is to offer the highest quality clothes you can ask but do it only in the most Eco-friendly way. We are not some sort of hippie out of the wood selling Pancho, we just do it the way it should be for every clothing brand. Our hope is that our actions could inspire others to choose the right way, the Earth-friendly way otherwise we might soon, simply not be able to live on it.

What does it mean in the process?

Each step of the production has been studied to leave the smallest print whether it is for carbon emission or chemical uses.

Let's start from the beginning to make it simple.

We work with Fair-trade associations only throughout every step, because there is no other way possible to us! We want the workers to have a fair salary and comfortable environment for the hard work they do. Each and every human have the right to dignity.

There is two different sides we decided to work on, Organic material and Recycled material. We either use fully organic cotton or a blend of organic recycled cotton and recycled polyester. The recycled material used is provided in the organic garment circuit nearby, remember, the smallest carbon print possible.

When the clothes are produced, then they have to be printed so we can apply the design on it.

Here again, we use water-based ink, water-based cleaning products and we hand-print in the smallest warehouse you could think of so we save on carbon again, not keeping a comfortable working temperature in a non-used space. Each clothes are hand-printed, packed and shipped by us.

As we were to do things well, we also chose to have a vegan approved circuit!

Inspired to work with us?

If you agree with our point of view and want to start the change too, there are two ways to work together:

  • Sell our clothes in your shop and contribute to lower the carbon print by shipping in bulk and avoid single item shipping.

  • Develop your brand in collaboration with us so we can help throughout the process and guide you directly to the right solutions.

The bonus is that 10% of our benefits go directly to a non-profit association. Every year we select a different one to help.

One of these options is capting your attention? Simply get in touch with us to start a collaboration or ask a few questions.

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